Wireless Networking

Access Network
This is most commonly referred to as wifi, and is what your devices (computers, phones, tablets, IoT-devices) will be connecting to.

We can design, quote, and physically install and maintain an access network for your small to medium sized business.

Backhaul Network
If you have a piece of land with multiple buildings that needs to be connected together – the primary method would be to dig down fiber optics between the buildings.
However, this can be costly.

We can gladly provide wireless options to this, with bandwidth capacities from 100 Mbit/s to over 1 Gbit/s (1000 Mbit/s) at a very affordable cost.

Lindblom Industries - Wireless IP Backhaul Antenna
Lindblom Industries – Wireless IP Backhaul Antenna

Wired Networking

Of course we also offer wired networking solutions.
Everything to meet your business needs.
– Copper based networking (CAT6 and above)
– Fiber optic (single mode fiber, multi mode fiber)

Routing and Switching

Small, medium and enterprise sized office and data center networks are all familiar to us.
We can advice on and offer solutions that scales to thousands of devices, and even more users.


At the edges of your network, we typically install firewalls.
These will help with securing your network and valuable data, by forming a security perimeter.

If you have a case where you need to connect your network to vendors or other clouds, such as Google Cloud, Amazon AWS or Azure – these will most likely terminate as VPN tunnels in your firewall(s).
Employees working remotely will also connect securely this way.

Some of our experience

We try to avoid vendor specific protocols, to avoid vendor lock-ins.

Preferred technologies
– eBGP for routing
– As little L2 as necessary
– L3 to top-of-rack
– Spine/leaf architecture
– IPSec VPN + eBGP for securing traffic across the internet (site-to-site and office-to-site)
– 802.1x + FreeRADIUS for wireless and wired authentication of clients
– SNMP + sFlow/netflow for monitoring
– Ansible for automation (“SDN”)
– Wavelengths or dark fibre + DWDM for interconnecting sites
– Transit (ISP’s), peering
– Out-of-band networks, console servers etc

Some of the hardware and software w’re used to working with:
– Fortinet Fortigate
– Juniper SRX
– Juniper EX
– Arista
– Aruba / HPE (for switching and wireless)
– Cisco Aironet / WLC
– Cisco ASR (IOS-XR)
– Cisco IOS
– Cisco Meraki
– Ubiquiti airMAX
– Ubiquiti Unifi
– Pfsense
– VyOS (Vyatta)