I recently bought 2x Qihan Technology Qihan QH-NV470SO-P IP cameras, for outdoor use.
For the price, around 70 EUR / 100 USD each, I’m very happy.
Picture quality is good. Night vision (with IR LED’s) is good too.
No microphone built in as far as I can tell.

Unfortunately the web interface is quite outdated, and requires Internet Explorer (ActiveX) or Safari…
Luckily I only used that for initial configuration.

Quick details:
Default IP address:
Default username/password: admin/(blank)
Default RTSP (TCP/554) url: rtsp:// for full resolution / high quality, ch00_01 for lower quality.

I’m using them with Zoneminder 1.29.0, with the following parameters:
(It did NOT work with the version in aptitude for Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 LTS)


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