I bought these in April 2015. I paid around 100 EUR per tyre. So total = 400 EUR for a set + additional mounting on my Diamond Classic Silver 18″ wheels.

Diemension: 225/40/18, but the precise name is: Falken Azenis FK453 225/40 ZR18 92Y XL (MFS) asymmetric.

Now, in October 2015, I’ve run them for about 15 000 km, including a round trip Stockholm (Sweden) – Nürburgring, Nürburg (Germany). In other words they have indeed been track tested, on my BMW E46 325i (M54B25) 2002 sedan. Suspension setup is Supersport springs and shocks, lowering around 35 mm. Cost for that set is around 350 EUR, to give you an idea of quality / what to expect.

So, my thoughts. For spirited daily driving and some track days – I think they are perfect at this price. Being rated A (best) on wet surfaces is comforting, and from what I’ve felt driving in heavy rain they are fairly stable. I don’t think you can get a better tyre for this price, size and purpose.

The only bad things I can think of, is:

  • Noise level. They are obviously loud because of the somewhat low height (40) on 18″ wheels. Not unbearable, but on our Swedish roads with rough asphalt it’s noticeable worse than on the German autobahn.
  • Tramlining. It’s not a huge issue – and this will vary a lot with different cars and suspension setups. But there is a little of it. Also, much less of an issue in Germany.
My BMW E46 with summer tires just mounted after a long winter…
My BMW E46 together with a Mazda MX-5
My BMW E46 325i at Nürburgring


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