I can only compare it to Meguairs Quick Clay, for around 269kr (27 EUR), but I think the kit from Biltema is well worth the money.

+ A lot of clay is included. I only had to use half – same goes for the liquid lubrication.
– The clay is a bit hard to work with, stiff, compared to Meguairs. But with some hot water it’s easier.

On my blue BMW (topasblau 364), this area (picture) is usually the worst after winter.
After the treatment there’s no longer a rasping sound when you move your fingers over the paint.

PS. I don’t care about the included wax – I have no use for it.
It is likely to contain silicone.

1. Sonax Power+ -degreaser
2. Sonax wash & wax, with a black sponge
3. Biltema Clay
4. Sonax wash & wax, with a black sponge

High pressure water between each step.


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